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Here is where you'll find all my Spring time fishing tips...


Spring Time Bassin'

Springtime is when Bass are staging in the mouths of the coves and on the edges of the Flats adjacent to the main lake. At this time, their bodies are slowly warming and they are ready for a meal to prepare for spawning. Remember that the Northwest corner of the lake warms first and the action will start here and gradually move to other areas of the lake. Below are some of my tips for Hot Spring action !!


Plastic Lizards are great lures for springtime. They mimic live salamanders that eat Bass eggs and Bass usually have an aggressive response to them. To understand how to fish the lizard, let me explain a little about the live creature that bass hate. Lizards are amphibians, which means that they live on land but come back to the water to mate, lay their eggs, and the young develop in the water. Well before the bass are on their beds, male and female lizards mate in the water and the female lays her eggs on bottom twigs or plants. The eggs develop quickly into tadpoles that resemble miniature adults. They eat insects, small minnow fry and they LOVE fish eggs. When the bass are laying their eggs in their beds, lizard tadpoles or salamanders are a few inches long and hang out near the nest edge ready to scoop up an easy meal. If any of the bass see them hiding near the nest, they immediately and instinctively attack and eat this raider threat. So here's how to fish them. In pre-spawn spring when the bass are staging at the mouths of coves, use a Carolina rig as the bass are suspending and trying to soak up the sun after a long winter. The Carolina rig will stay up off the bottom and the bass See an enemy swim by and attack it. If a cold front comes through, the bass will move back to the bottom and hold tight to cover such as stumps rocks etc. When they are on the bottom, rig the lizard Texas style with a small worm weight to keep it down. Remember to fish the lizard SLOWLY as the bass are still cold and not chasing very far. On the nest, I use a lizard with no weight. Cast beyond the nest and let the lizard sink slowly to the bottom. Work the lizard slowly in little hops up to the rim of the nest and stop. Chances are the bass has watched your lizard advance toward his nest. A live salamander will stop here and wait until the bass is not looking or chasing away a sunfish or other threat to his nest, to attack the eggs. If he doesn't grab your lizard in the rim of the nest, just wiggle your rod tip to make the lizards legs and tail dance. This will, in most cases, provoke a strike. Remember, you sweep your rod for the hookset with a lizard. Don't lift up your rod or you will miss more than half the strikes. Please release any bedding fish immediately and they will go back to their nests and continue the spawn.

Extra Tip = Wear polarized sunglasses to see nests and use lizards with chartreuse Tails in Spring.



Stick baits are one of the best springtime lures that can give you plenty of action. Many companies make them and good examples are Rapalas, Rogues, Thundersticks and the Long A. Stickbaits are very effective at catching suspending spring bass because of their erratic motion. They often cause reaction strikes when the lure comes by them and then stops and floats to the surface like something dying. When you cant get a reaction from a floating/d iving stickbait, switch to a suspending model. This will often draw the strike, especially when you pause it for a few seconds. I have found that the cadence- jerk, jerk, pause works well on staging bass. I like to position my boat out from the shoreline and cast towards it. Keep your rod tip LOW, facing the water, and make small sweeps of the rod tip until you get the cadence right. I use a 6 to 6 1/2 ft medium action casting rod and 12 lb line. In clear water, I like Silver or Gold body stickbaits with a black back. In stained water, try clown or fire tiger colors. 4 to 6 inch size work best in Spring.


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