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This weekend I had a Bass Hunter Hat made. Its a really nice warm baseball style hat. Its a dark forest green with a bright and really cool looking bass right in the middle. The words Bass and Hunter are done in a gold script that looks just fantastic. I figured other fans of the site might be interested in purchasing a hat like this.With the results of the poll I can try to see (if enough people are interested) if I can buy them in bulk for less money. I was wondering what the MAX you would spend for a great looking adjustable hat like this would be that way I know what range to bargain for. Please let me know by voting to the right. I figured this might be a nice treat for the people who have been faithful fans of this site.

Thanks, Basshunter

Here's a good look at the Hat
from the front. Bass and text are much crisper than the picture shows.

- My Web Poll -
Would you consider buying a Bass Hunter Hat if the price was...?

$25 or under
$20 or under
$15 or under
I would not be interested in a hat


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