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March 31, 2001

I just got back from a great vacation in Florida. I added some new pics to my pictures section showing some of the nice fish Dad and I caught on Lake Tarpon. This lake is about 45 minutes north of Tampa Florida and is loaded with big bass. We caught all of the fish over 8 lbs on a purple Hank Parker worm, but we caught plenty of fish in the 2-5 lb range on a 1/2 oz.silver rattle trap. The fish were in post spawn mode and were feeding well chasing shade all over the lake. I also visited the new Bass Pro Shops Outdoor World in Orlando. This place is a fishermans paradise. If you take a trip to Disney, make sure you visit Bass Pro. You wont forget it. The 10,000 gal tank filled with giant live bass is worth the trip alone. Kids will love it too.

See you on the water!!!

March 20, 2001

This site has had a rocky week. First, we were thrown off of tripod for violating terms of service. We were not told what we violated, so I wrote tripod a note saying there was a mistake. Figuring I would never hear from them, I moved the site to Geocities. I started to change everything (links, search listings...) last night. Today I get a letter from tripod saying the site was removed accidentally and now is back up. So here is the plan for the future...

I know all you people have to be pissed that you have had to update you bookmarks for this site multiple times, as I would be. I would advise people to use the tripod site . It is very fast as far as loading. I will keep the Geocities site up as well. Just incase anything happens to tripod site, the Geocities site- , will be the back up so nobody will miss a thing. For the millionth time, I truly apologize to all you DIE HARD Fishing fans. All I want is to bring you the best Fishing site on the net. And with the help of everyone, we're on our way!

February, 2001

Starting Feb. 2nd, Bassmasters TV will air every Friday at 6:00 PM Eastern on ESPN2. This will
show the 2000-2001 season of the B.A.S.S. tournament Trail. This will have some great tips and techniques so pay attention to the pros and improve your fishing.

Now is the time to replace your line, lubricate your reels and sharpen your hooks. Take the time to
inspect your lures. If a hook is bent, replace it. It is cheep insurance to insure that the hooks are perfect. Dont skimp on line either. Buy one of the top brands, Trilene, Stren, Bagleys etc. Bargan line is NO bargan. Isnt it worth a few extra dollars to land that big bass without a broken line and then a broken heart? My advice on buying ALL fishing equiptment is simply buy the best that you can afford.
I'm not saying that you need a $200 fishing reel, for example, but a $70 reel will outlast a $20 reel by 10 to 1. Nuff said

January 21,2001

Incredible news - In 34 years of PROFESSIONAL fishing tournaments, no one has ever recorded a catch like this one. Arizona's DEAN ROJAS, fishing in the Bassmaster Top 150, brought in an amazing 108 pounds, 12 ounces in the 4 day tournament. It was held on Florida's Tohopekaliga Lake.This is one of the Kissammee chain of lakes. Congrats to Dean. This record will be hard to beat. He averaged an incredible 5.4 lbs per fish and beat the previous record by over 30 lbs. This shows the super job that the Florida Fish and wildlife Service is doing to restore the Florida lakes to the incredible fisheries of the past. If you ever get a chance to fish Florida, dont pass it up.


October 29, 2000

This weekend I had a Bass Hunter Hat made.Its a really nice warm baseball style hat. Its a dark forest green with a bright and really cool looking bass right in the middle. The words Bass and Hunter are done in a gold script that looks just fantastic. I figured other fans of the site might be interested in purchasing a hat like this. With the poll on the hat page, I can try to see (if enough people are interested) and if I can buy them in bulk for less money. I was wondering what the MAX you would spend for a great looking adjustable hat like this would be that way I know what range to bargain for. Please let me know. Check out what the hat looks like and vote by clicking here. I figured this might be a nice treat for the people who have been faithful fans of this site.Even if you are not interested, please vote and let me know.

September 30, 2000

My new tips on FALL fishing are completed. Check them out on my new updated TIPS section. Try giving up a Football game and try fishing for some huge fall Lunkers in your Pond or Lake.

September 28, 2000

Team New Jersey wins the B.A.S.S. Eastern division Championship
New Jersey's 12 man team of fishermen "stole the show" at the B.A.S.S. Federation Eastern Divisind championship
overtaking Connecticut for state bragging rights in the tournament sanctioned by the BASS ANGLERS SPORTSMEN SOCIETY ====> WAY TO GO TEAM NEW JERSEY !! Congratulations !!!!

September 2000 SPECIAL

I'm very excited about having my picture published in BASSMASTER magazine with my 12 lb. 4oz whopper bass. It's in the Sept issue. Check it out. Also, Check back soon as I'm almost finished writing my New TIPS for great Fall Bass action. I am breaking up the tips ,for the differant seasons, into sections. They should be on the site in the next few days.

August 3, 2000

Another milestone. 1000 hits in 2 weeks totaling 11.000 Thanks for visiting. I hope you are learning about bass fishing from this site. I'm getting many positive comments from people who are e-mailing me with questions.

July 22, 2000

Bass pro Woo Daves wins the Chicago Bassmaster Classic. - In the narrowest of margins,the long time pro wins his first Classic tournament after qualifying 15 times. He won targeting smallmouth bass exclusively, using a Zoom Tube bait. Read how he did it by logging on to

July 18, 2000

A great big THANKS to everyone for visiting my website. I just crossed a milestone of 10,000 hits to my website. I hope that i helped some of you with catching more bass. I've received comments from all over the world on my site and fishing questions too. I've enjoyed every one. Keep 'em comming.

July 16, 2000

Check out the new Tattoo that I just got yesterday!! This really shows how committed that I am to bass fishing. I enjoy every aspect of it . I went fishing the other day with a good friend of mine and the fishing was very tough.(3rd day after a front) We only got two fish but the day was pleasant and the boat ran great. Try to learn one new thing every time you go fishing. Even if its a new spot that you havent fished before. I believe that the Best time to go fishing is when you can. Give the message board a try with any comments, questions or helpful hints. Share your tips to help others. Get out there fishing!!!
Also, Check out my new Sizzlin' summertime TIPS to help make your fishing more fun in summer.

June 9, 2000

Just a quick note. My email address is now ! I've updated the links on the page but if you have me in you address book just remember to change it to my new one!! :)

June 8, 2000

Just wanted to let everyone know that I've added a Message Board to the Website. I hope everyone posts and has some fun as well as learns from others. The link is on the left side of the frontpage under the buttons. Feel free to respond to others and I'll add my 2 cents as often as I can. That way, when I answer a question that more than one of you have, i dont have to repeat myself via e-mail. Still continue to email me though...I love to hear from all of you. Keep up the great's the people that hit the site often that make it worth while.

June 6, 2000

I just received induction into the Bassmaster Lunker Club from B.A.S.S. It will be in the Bassmaster magazine soon. I'll let you know what issue it actually appears in. The picture on the front page will appear in the magazine. Check out the award by clicking on the thumbnail on the right side of the front page. I'm currently searching for a taxidermist for a replica mount of my 12-4 lunker bass. If you know of a good one in the northeast area, please e-mail me and let me know ( )

I recently placed second in a recent tournament held at Eldred, N.Y. Weather was very windy and cold but I managed to get a 5 bass limit by 8 AM. I caught one bass on a topwater popper but the rest were caught on a 4 inch smoke colored Culprit worm. I'll post some pictures of the tournament as soon as I get them developed.


April 2000

Well spring is here in most parts of the country and Springtime Bassin' is hot and Heavy. Read my new TIPS for springtime to help catch you more fish. Let me know how you like it or if you have any questions. I have also added a Plastic worm section and a spinnerbait section to my tips.Good fishing!!

MARCH 17, 2000

I just returned from a fabulous Florida Fishing vacation on Lake Tarpon which is located about 40 minutes drive North of Tampa. My biggest bass 12 lbs, hit a purple Culprit worm and fought like a freight train. She dove under my boat twice, jumping out of the water on the other side of the boat. It really was a miracle that I was able to land this giant. I was using Berkley 14 lb Fireline and I believe that this was the only reason that I was able to boat her. The line held up to numerous pings (like a plucked guitar string) off the trolling motor and transom. I've got to write to berkley to tell them about the fine product fireline is.

Also, on this trip, we (Dad & I) landed a 10.2, 9.9 and several 6 1/2 lb bass. They werent all big though. We caught plenty of 2 and 1 1/2 pounders. It was a remarkable week. I will never forget it. It was my best bass fishing week ever. I'll put some more pictures of our bass in the pics section soon. If you would like to send me some pics of your bass, just email them to me and I'll put them on my site. Good Fishing. See you on the water!

MARCH 3, 2000

I just updated the Tips section a bit I added some knot tips to the bottom because I really feel good knots are important. So check it out. I've included the best step by step instructions I could find. They also have pictures. So check out my two favorite knots in the "Tips Section"!!!!! Also, I've just made some great friends and added some GREAT LINKS to the links check out everything. I update it DAILY!

FEBRUARY 24, 2000

I emailed Mike Sullivan saying that I have been using the Mann's Mannipulator worm for several years and it has been very productive for me. This worm in Blackberry color is my number one favorite bait.  I have also done very well with the Hank Parker worm in Tequila sunrise color.   I just wanted to take a moment to tell him "THANKS" for making such good products.   As I am trying other products that they make, I am equally impressed with their fish catching ability. He responded telling me that they have a new line of soft plastics comming out this year called Dragin Series. I can't wait!!!!!

I hear that Mike Iacannelli, of New Jersey, just came in second in a recent BASS tournament

using this new Mann's prototype. It will be out soon!!


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